New Publication: “Price of Allegience” in Russian

February 24, 2014


Today’s issue of the Russian language magazine Kosmoport includes a translation of my story “Price of Allegiance,” which originally appeared in Penumbra magazine.

Although it’s always great to see one of my stories appear in translation, this one is special since Russian is my native language. I speak and read it fluently, and translate fiction from Russian into English (though I wouldn’t attempt to translate it from English into Russian; I lack sufficient practice.)

And, on the heels of yesterday’s post about translation, the lead story of the issue is Aliette de Bodard’s “Immersion.”




February 23, 2014

Aliette de Bodard recently posted on her blog that she’s willing to occasionally translate quality short stories into English, after Benjamin Rosenbaum made a similar offer.

Aliette is an awesome writer. I’d be glad to let her translate my English language stories into better English 😉 So if you are a writer published in French, Spanish, or Vietnamese, this may be a great opportunity for you.

I should also add that I do the same thing with Russian-language stories. I’ve translated a small handful so far, and those translations are selling/getting published. If you are an SF/F author who writes in Russian, please feel free to reach out to me. I’m *very* selective about what I translate (basically, I have to really love the story) and, like Aliette, I will consider for translation only material that has been professionally published and is under 7000 words.