Lots of cool news (with pictures)

March 17, 2015


Twelfth Planet Press announced the Honorable Mention list for the 2013 Year’s Best Young Adult Speculative Fiction. I’m very honored to have my story “Things We Leave Behind” included on this list! Ken Liu’s story from UFO2, “The MSG Golem” has made the list as well.

You can read Things We Leave Behind at Daily Science Fiction, where it was originally published. You can also listen to the story podcasted at Cast of Wonders, and narrated by me!




The May 16 issue of Crain’s New York Business Journal ran a profile on me in my capacity as owner and operator of Kings Games. All I have is this thumbnail for now, but I’m expecting some copies in the mail and am looking forward to reading the article.




These are the contributor copies of Informator Gdanskiego Klubu Fantastyki, which has been publishing my Tales of the Elopus mini-stories translated into Polish, one per issue. You can also see the PDF issues online, here. (Click on the magazine cover at top right.)


Editor Bryan Thomas Schmidt shared the cover art of Mission: Tomorrow, his anthology forthcoming from Baen this November which includes my story “The Race for Arcadia.” This will be my second appearance in a Baen anthology, after this summer’s release of the latest Chicks in Chainmail volume.



New Publication: The Ganthu Eggs at SF Comet

October 20, 2014

I was recently invited to participate in one of the coolest writing contest I’ve had the privilege of competing in to date.

SF Comet invites popular Chinese and international authors to write stories (up to 2500 words) based on the prompt they’re provided. The stories are posted (and, in case of international authors, first translated into Chinese) on social media sites such as Weibao and WeChat. Readers are invited to judge the stories and vote — anonymously.  Who wrote which story isn’t revealed until the contest is over. All authors are paid professional rates and the winner earns an additional $500.

I participated in the third such contest. I had big shoes to fill–the previous English-speaking authors invited to participate were Mike Resnick and Nancy Kress. The prompt for my contest was “breaking an egg” and my story is linked below:


Although I did not win (the story placed third overall) it was a really fun experience, and I’m quite happy with the resulting story.  I’m also excited to have my work translated into Chinese for the first time.

This month’s contest includes Australia’s Aidan Doyle and Great Britain’s Deborah Walker, and the theme is listed as “Part time beggar.” I can’t wait to see what they came up with!


New Publication: “Price of Allegience” in Russian

February 24, 2014


Today’s issue of the Russian language magazine Kosmoport includes a translation of my story “Price of Allegiance,” which originally appeared in Penumbra magazine.

Although it’s always great to see one of my stories appear in translation, this one is special since Russian is my native language. I speak and read it fluently, and translate fiction from Russian into English (though I wouldn’t attempt to translate it from English into Russian; I lack sufficient practice.)

And, on the heels of yesterday’s post about translation, the lead story of the issue is Aliette de Bodard’s “Immersion.”




February 23, 2014

Aliette de Bodard recently posted on her blog that she’s willing to occasionally translate quality short stories into English, after Benjamin Rosenbaum made a similar offer.

Aliette is an awesome writer. I’d be glad to let her translate my English language stories into better English 😉 So if you are a writer published in French, Spanish, or Vietnamese, this may be a great opportunity for you.

I should also add that I do the same thing with Russian-language stories. I’ve translated a small handful so far, and those translations are selling/getting published. If you are an SF/F author who writes in Russian, please feel free to reach out to me. I’m *very* selective about what I translate (basically, I have to really love the story) and, like Aliette, I will consider for translation only material that has been professionally published and is under 7000 words.