Green Alert: Humanity 2.0 Anthology on Sale

January 10, 2017


For the next few days you can pick up this anthology for $2.99 — that’s less than half the regular price! The sale lasts Jan 10 through Jan 13 so don’t wait.

And before I put away my soapbox and exit salesman mode, I’ve got to mention two other books as well. My darkly humorous flash story “Hell is Other People” is available in the recently released Outliers of Speculative Fiction 2016 anthology (which is also free to read on Kindle Unlimited.) Finally, there’s a mass market paperback issue available of Mission: Tomorrow, another hard SF anthology which I’m guessing anyone who likes Humanity 2.0 would also enjoy.  It includes my Canopus Award-nominated story “The Race for Arcadia.” After six years in the field, this is actually the first time my work appears in a mass market paperback format and I’m very pleased by this, because that’s what the books I devoured as a teenager looked like.






Dreidel of Dread: The Very Cthulhu Chanukah Podcast

December 21, 2016

My funny Cthulu Channukah story got the podcast treatment at FarFetchedFables this week. And if you prefer reading to listening, it’s still available here at Every Day Fiction.  This story was originally published in Galaxy’s Edge last year and it seems to have a lot of legs. You will get the chance to read/hear it at least once or twice more in 2017.

This week also marks the reprint of my SF story “Seven Conversations in Locked Rooms” as part of The Prison Compendium anthology edited by Jennifer Word.




New publication: “Noun of Nouns: A Mini Epic” in Upside Down

December 13, 2016


Upside Down: Inverted Tropes in Storytelling is an anthology from Apex Publications which launches today. It includes my humor story “Noun of Nouns: A Mini Epic” which makes fun of the epic fantasy genre. (I wrote it while writing an epic fantasy novel, so…)

If you enjoyed “Dreidel of Dread” or “How Earth Narrowly Escaped an Invasion from Space” you will likely dig this story. It’s that kind of humor. So grab your copy, eh?




New publication: “Masquerade Night” in In a Cat’s Eye anthology

October 22, 2016


There have been lots of cat anthologies and there surely will be lots more. But that’s only because we never get tired of reading them! In a Cat’s Eye features original stories by Jody Lynn Nye, Gail Z. Martin, Elektra Hammond and others, as well as an all-new horror (well, horror-adjacent at least) story from yours truly.

“Masquerade Night” is about a dance club in 1920s New York City where ancient gods and monsters mingle with unsuspecting humans.  Here are the opening lines

The first time Harat saw Ada was when she was dancing with the goddess of death.

It was masquerade night, and cub Rhythm was full of monsters. An orchestra blasted the latest European tunes at their highest volume setting, filling the cavernous dance hall with music. Dance beats reverberated in Harat’s temples. An engine rotated an enormous lantern of painted glass suspended from the high ceiling, which cast shards of colored light across the hall. It was the glint of light against the lapis lazuli amulet that drew his attention.

Want to read more? Grab the e-book or a paperback here.


New publication: “How Gaia and the Guardian Saved the World” at Amazing Stories

October 16, 2016

On the heels of my Nature AI story comes my Amazing Stories AI story. and they were kind enough to create a cool illustration for it, too! (this is not an easy story to illustrate as you’ll find it when you read it!) I’m excited to be among the first authors to have original fiction appear in the resurrected Amazing Stories and happy to share this story with readers!

Read “How Gaia and the Guardian Saved the World” here.




Two Stories at StarShipSofa Podcast Today

October 5, 2016


This week’s episode of StarShipSofa features a pair of stories that were not previously available online for free. The first is “Dominoes Falling,” the story written in the Dark Expanse video game universe which appeared in the Dark Expanse: Surviving the Collapse anthology. It’s followed by “The Far Side of the Wilderness” which appeared in Beyond the Sun anthology from Fairwood Press. Both are space opera adventures with a bit of a dark bend, so kudos to editor Jeremy Szal for bundling them together as they do complement each other nicely.

Dark Expanse cover

The episode also includes a flash piece by Stephen S. Power from Nature magazine.

Listen to the podcast here.

This is the second time in a week I had a story (or stories) published without advance warning. (i.e. I knew they were going to appear in DSF and SSS at some point, just not when.) Honestly, I can get used to this kind of pleasant surprise.

The next up is “How Gaia and the Guardian Saved the World” which I do know the publication date of; it’s scheduled to appear at Amazing Stories on October 12 and I’ll post the link when it goes live!




New publication: “The Poet-Kings and the Word Plague” at Daily Science Fiction

October 3, 2016

This story is written in a very difference voice/style from my usual. Definitely an experimental piece. Flash fiction is perfect for trying something new. I hope you’ll enjoy it!


This is also a good time to remind everyone that there’s a little more than a day remaining in the Goodreads giveaway for a signed copy of UFO5. Enter here.