New Translations in March 2023 Analog and Asimov’s

I’ve got a couple of translations in the March-April issues of Analog and Asimov’s which are about to go on sale next week.

“The Errata” by K.A. Teryna imagines a life on an ark ship very early in its journey (still in our solar system!) This story was commissioned by the Future Affairs Administration which involved K.A. Teryna writing it quickly and then me translating it equally fast, so that a relay translation could be performed from English to Mandarin Chinese. As usual, K.A. delivered a great story and Asimov’s snapped up the first English rights. Bonus: there’s also a cat!

“Incommunicado” by Andrej Kokoulin is a cool space opera adventure where the protagonist must race across the galaxy to reconnect with his lost love. This story reminded me of the best of Soviet-era sci-fi and is refreshingly optimistic. Its appearance in Analog is Kokoulin second English-language publication. My translation of his dark yarn “The Slave” was published in F&SF a few years back.


3 Responses to New Translations in March 2023 Analog and Asimov’s

  1. Congrats on the publications – translations are hard!

    I still haven’t heard back about my submission to Unidentified Funny Objects 9. I queried you last month regarding it, but haven’t heard back. Are you still considering “Apple Aftercare,” or should I send it elsewhere?

    • Alex Shvartsman says:

      Hi. There must be some major email issues between our accounts. On January 20 I received your query via a submission form and responded promptly but it seems the response was not received. Please see it copied below:

      Dear R. Jean,

      I’m very sorry to say that I could not find a record of this submission (unless you’ve sent it from a different email address than the one I’m writing to now?) All received submissions were responded to in the August/September timeframe and the anthology has already been published. I apologize for the bad news and the unnecessarily long wait to find out; please do not hesitate to query within 30 days for any future submissions, as you pointed out we do not take very long and we do send out hold notices for submissions that are held for a longer period of time.


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