Conrad Brent e-Books Are Live

June 8, 2013

My signature urban fantasy series combining gritty noir and corny humor are now available as e-books, with an amazing cover (art by Dixon Leavitt and layout by Emerson Matsuuchi). Check them out:

A Shard Glows in Brooklyn

Requiem for a Druid

The books are currently live on Shashwords and will be going live on Amazon and B&N over the next day or two. I will post the other links once they’re live.

If you enjoy my writing, these stories are essential, because they form a prelude to my novel! I will be working on a much longer Conrad Brent story later this summer.

A Shard Glows in Brooklyn at Smashwords

Requiem for a Druid at Smashwords



“Requiem for a Druid” accepted at Galaxy’s Edge

December 24, 2012

Arc Manor is launching a new pro zine called “Galaxy’s Edge” in March of 2013, edited by Mike Resnick. I’m thrilled to announce that the premier issue will include “Requiem for a Druid.” My story will get to rub shoulders with works from Lou Berger, Robert J. Sawyer, Jack McDevitt, Kij Johnson, James Patrick Kelly, and Barry Malzberg!

“Requiem for a Druid” has quite a history. This is a second story in the urban fantasy series about Conrad Brent. I love writing Brent stories, which combine urban fantasy, noir, and humor with the Brooklyn setting which is so familiar to me.  And I title them with horrible puns of iconic books and movies set in Brooklyn, too. The first story in the series, A Shard Glows in Brooklyn, was published by Buzzy Magazine earlier this year.

“Requiem” was a story that got me into the Viable Paradise workshop. It was read and critiqued by brilliant writers and editors such as Patric Nielsen-Hayden, Sherwood Smith, Elizabeth Bear, Steven Brust, and Jim McDonald. Also, many of the students at the workshop.  I sent it there because it was my favorite story, and one of my strongest.

And now it’s been accepted by Mike Resnick, a writer and editor whom I admire greatly and have been a fan of for many years.

I plan to write one or two more Brent stories next year. I also hope to complete the first draft of a Brent novel in 2013. But for now, I leave you with the opening line of “Requiem”:

My job that morning was to banish a demon, but I was determined to finish my cup of coffee first.

Be sure to check out Galaxy’s Edge and read the rest of it in a few months!

Publication: “A Shard Glows in Brooklyn” at Buzzy Magazine

April 19, 2012

Of all the stories I’ve had published so far, this is my favorite.

Conrad Brent is special. He is among the small group of people (one in thirty thousand) who can See the world for what it really is.  There are wizards, and monsters, and even a giant troll underneath the Verrazano Bridge — deadly threats that an average citizen knows nothing about. Threats that are kept in check by the Watch — an ancient society which protects regular people from being taken advantage of by those with magic.

Conrad Brent is the Watch’s representative in Brooklyn, NY. When a powerful magic-enhancing shard of Atlantean crystal shows up in the borough, it is up to Brent to keep it out of the wrong hands. By whatever means necessary.

OK, given a little time and a medium cup of French Vanilla coffee, I could probably write a better blurb. But you get the idea. “Shard” is  the kind of urban fantasy I love to read, and want to write.

Conrad Brent is a wise-cracking, irreverent, morally complicated character and I love telling his stories. I’ve already written a second Brent tale, titled “Requiem for a Druid,” where our protagonist butts heads with New York’s most prominent real estate mogul who has a penchant for firing people. That second story is currently looking for a home — sadly there aren’t a lot of pro markets interested in light urban fantasy short stories.

I’m also in the very early stages of planning out my first novel. It will be–you guessed it–a Conrad Brent story.

So please head over to Buzzy Magazine, a brand-new pro venue which was kind enough to accept this story, and read “A Shard Glows in Brooklyn.”