Conrad Brent e-Books Are Live

My signature urban fantasy series combining gritty noir and corny humor are now available as e-books, with an amazing cover (art by Dixon Leavitt and layout by Emerson Matsuuchi). Check them out:

A Shard Glows in Brooklyn

Requiem for a Druid

The books are currently live on Shashwords and will be going live on Amazon and B&N over the next day or two. I will post the other links once they’re live.

If you enjoy my writing, these stories are essential, because they form a prelude to my novel! I will be working on a much longer Conrad Brent story later this summer.

A Shard Glows in Brooklyn at Smashwords

Requiem for a Druid at Smashwords



One Response to Conrad Brent e-Books Are Live

  1. yvonnerupert says:

    Awesome covers, Alex. Can’t wait to read them. 🙂

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