Publication: “Putting It All Together” At Nine Magazine

April 24, 2012


The inaugural issue of Nine: A Journal of Imaginative Fiction is now live and includes my flash story “Putting It All Together.” This is a story of a post-singularity “digital” human trying to recreate the original simulation, which was designed to look and feel like the real world.

Nine is an interesting new concept. Each issue will feature 9 stories, and each author will earn 9% royalty from the sale; the issues are sold directly on the Nine web site. So when you buy an issue (which is only $5) you’re directly supporting me and the other eight authors whose work was included.


New Sales & A Milestone Achieved

March 24, 2012

I have a couple of recent sales to report.

A new publication titled “Nine” picked up my post-singularity flash story “Putting It All Together” for their inaugural issue. “Nine” has an ambitious concept – they will buy 9 short stories per issue and pay each author a royalty of 9% of gross sales. There’s also an advance against royalties, so authors are paid something for their work regardless of the publication’s success.

Issue 1 lineup has been announced and features stories by such notables as Ken Liu and Peter Swanson, among others. It will be available for sale in April and I can’t wait to see how their business plan pans out.

Yesterday I also found out that Nature magazine will be publishing “Ravages of Time” in their Futures section. This is very exciting for a number of reasons.

First of all, Nature has, by far, the largest circulation of any publication that has published me so far, online or in print. It is a highly respectable print publication, that will not only print my story with awesome original artwork created just for it in their magazine, but will also post it online and likely podcast it as well. Finally, this marks my third SFWA-qualifying sale, which means I will be able to upgrade my SFWA membership from Associate to Active, definitely an item straight off of my bucket list.

And to make it even more exciting, the voting deadline for the Nebula awards is March 30 — so I may yet get to vote this year, depending on how quickly my membership upgrade is processed.