Publication: “Gifts of Prometheus” in Nature

February 20, 2019

My flash fiction SF story “Gifts of Prometheus” is live and free to read at Nature. Enjoy!


Publication: “Ravages of Time” in Nature Magazine

May 17, 2012


This week’s issue (May 17) of the venerable Nature Magazine includes my SF story “Ravages of Time.”

This is a flash fiction story about love, relationships, and faster than light travel.  It was initially written for a Codex Writers 5-week long flash fiction contest. Nature was the first place I sent it and I was very happy to have them accept.

Not only is my writing now printed in one of the most relevant scientific journals in the world, but they also make it available to be read online for free. What’s more, they create original artwork for each published story, and the image designed for “Ravages” doesn’t disappoint:

Click here to read “Ravages of Time” online.