Reviews for Eridani’s Crown

February 15, 2020

There have been some wonderful reviews for Eridani’s Crown and I’ve been sharing them on social media, but I realize that I haven’t actually posted/linked them from the blog. Here they are:

Strange Horizons

The Indie Athenaeum

Publishers Weekly

These are some of my favorites, though there are a number of other solid reviews from The Independent, Quella, and many others. The novel remains available in print, audio, and electronic formats!


Eridani’s Crown Audiobook Now Available

December 9, 2019

Eridani’s Crown is now available in audio, and the narration by Nicola Chapman is spectacular. Check out the sample at the link below and grab your copy from Audible or Amazon. (It should be coming to iTunes soon.


Limited-time discount on Eridani’s Crown ebook!

November 27, 2019

As of today, Eridani’s Crown ebook is discounted from $6.99 to $2.99. Grab yours before the price goes back up!

The audio book is completed as well. It has been submitted to Audible and, barring any unforeseen problems, should go live in December sometime. I’ll post here when that happens.


Eridani’s Crown published!

October 22, 2019

Eridani’s Crown is out today! Here’s where you can get it:

[Buy direct: Paperback | E-book | Hardcover]
[Amazon] [B&N] [Kobo] [Google] [iTunes]
[Audio Book – coming soon]
Paperback and hardcover versions are also available at Target, Walmart, and select independent bookstores.
If you’re kind enough to buy a copy please leave a review on the platform where you purchased it! Reviews on Amazon are especially important, and a review on Goodreads is always helpful as well.


Galactic Philadelphia Reading

October 13, 2019

This coming Tuesday, October 15, I will be participating in the Galactic Philadelphia reading alongside Anna Kashina. We’re both Soviet-born fantasy authors with recently-launched or upcoming books, so fans of swordplay and sorcery should have a grand time at this event!

The event will begin at 7pm and each of us will read for approximately 20 minutes, followed by a Q&A and a book signing. Bring your own copies or buy some of ours! Should be a load of fun, and a nice way to get your hands on Eridani’s Crown prior to the launch at Capclave next weekend.

Details are posted here.


Eridani’s Crown Preorders are Up!

September 15, 2019

I’ll be mostly offline over the course of next week, traveling to Distant Places for Reasons which shall be revealed at the Appropriate Time. Rest assured these are good reasons and I’m doing very cool things. But. This also means I’ll be away and unable to promote my upcoming novel which, by the way, is now available for preorder in both print and ebook.

Unless you got an advance copy via Kickstarter or plan on attending Capclave where I will have a stack of books and hopefully host a launch party, then your mission should you choose to accept it is:

* Preorder your copy.

You don’t have to get it from B&N or Amazon (where preorders are live now) if you don’t want to. Your local bookstore can order a copy for you, since they’re available to them wholesale in the Ingram catalog. You can also request that your local library carry it, though if you’re going to do that please wait another 10 days or so until the hardback version is available for them. (Libraries much prefer hardcovers because they survive a lot longer in their system.)

Either way, preorders are a HUGE boon to the author as they can play a role in local stores bringing in extra copies for their shelves, B&N placing additional copies in their many physical stores, and Amazon sales rankings pushing the algorithms to promote the book to more readers. Your money spent on the preorder works a lot harder than merely earning the author a few bucks’ royalty.

* Tell others.

Getting the word out beyond one’s group of friends and loyal readers is really hard. A recommendation of a friend is far more likely to result in someone else buying the book than any form of advertising or marketing. If you enjoy my writing, please tell people who you think would like this book about its existence!

* Stay tuned!

I’m going to try my best to generate extra buzz about the release, which means giveaways and cool promotions. Don’t worry, you won’t miss your chance at any of those things if you order early!

Again, those crucial links are:




Free short story: The Lekar’s Fortune

July 3, 2019

I just posted “The Lekar’s Fortune” a flash story set in the world of Eridani’s Crown. You can read it here for free.

The Kickstarter campaign for the novel has about a week left. If you haven’t pledged to secure your copy of the novel yet, hopefully this will help convince you to do so. 🙂



Eridani’s Crown kickstarter campaign is live!

June 11, 2019


We’re live on kickstarter! Please help me fund the production of this book and snag some awesome rewards in the process. Even if you’re not ready to pledge, head over to the campaign link to check out the full wraparound cover, listen to a teaser from the audio book version, and read a sample chapter!




Cover reveal for Eridani’s Crown

June 5, 2019

Coming October 2019 from UFO Publishing


There will be a Kickstarter campaign launching in a few days. At that time the full wraparound cover drawn and designed by Tomasz Maronski will be revealed (the painting on the back is as awesome as the front cover!) You’ll also get to hear an audio book teaser, narrated by Nicola Seaton-Clark and read a sample chapter from the book!



A Major Milestone

October 17, 2016

Today marks a major milestone in my writing career. I just typed the words “THE END” at the bottom of a 95,000 word document that is my first novel, Eridani’s Crown.

When I first dared to try my hand at writing fiction in English, back in 2010, I planned on being a novelist. I wrote a prologue and half a first chapter on a novel and then I realized that I had no bloody idea what I was doing. I didn’t know how to proceed, how to build a decent plot or a character arc. Worse yet, I didn’t know if the writing was any good, and I didn’t know any people who could tell me. While I have been a life-long science fiction fan, at that time I never even met another science fiction writer.

And so I came up with a brilliant plan: I would write a few short stories and I would send them out to science fiction magazines (of which I only knew about three total.) I figured that if I was able to write publishable short stories then that meant I was ready to tackle a novel.

I wrote a short story. Then another. Then another. After a few months of this my stories suddenly began to sell. At first I placed a few at very small token markets, but before long I had a string of semi-pro sales, then a few pro sales. Over the course of six years I’ve had nearly 100 short stories published, most of them at pro venues. I won an award, was nominated for another, had countless stories reprinted, podcasted, translated to other languages…

But I never finished that novel. Or any other novel. Until now.

Having more-or-less established myself as primarily a humor writer, I figured my first book would be some sort of a snarky urban fantasy or an otherwise humorous adventure yarn (space opera, maybe?) But instead, I set the mode to “super difficult” for myself and wrote a secondary-world grimdark fantasy with not a joke in sight.

Why grimdark you ask? I wrote a short story about the protagonist and was really fascinated with her. So I wrote another. And then I wanted to write her origin story. And before I knew it, I had a novel-length project on my hands. So I just kept writing.

It was slow going. I started working on this book about three years ago, but I added to the novel very slowly. choosing to focus on short story projects instead. As the manuscript slowly grew, I became more and more focused on the novel. In fact, well over 50% of my writing time in 2016 was spent working on this book. And tonight, the hardest part of the project is done.

To be clear, the book is far from finished. First drafts are messy and kind of ugly; they’re the sort of things you never ever show anyone because they contain mistakes and prose that can be outright embarrassing. But they’re the bones upon which the book will grow and flourish as I work on revisions.

I also have no idea if the book is any good. At the moment it feels like someone thoroughly shook the dictionary and upended it onto my screen. In other words: a random combination of words masquerading as a story. I simultaneously crave and dread the moment when I get to show this book to my trusted beta readers. If all goes well, they will assure me that the book is not totally crap. If it doesn’t… Well, no one can make me show this manuscript to anyone else. But I remain optimistic.

I can’t tease you like this and not tell you what the book is about. Eridani’s Crown is the story of a woman who is her world’s version of Alexander the Great or Napoleon — except she succeeds where they failed and actually takes over the entire world (conveniently, her world is a single Pangea-like continent called the Heart.)

She starts out as a hero, fighting against terrible odds and for all the right reasons. But by the end of the book, she is the worst kind of villain and despot. I like to describe it to folks as a “character arc of Breaking Bad meets the grimdark setting of Game of Thrones.”

And while, again, I’ll reiterate that I don’t know if the end result is any good, I’m certain it’s ambitious. There are politics and machinations, examination of power and responsibility, and the first instance of a political Cold War I’ve seen in this sort of setting. I stole liberally from different eras of history, with characters loosely based on Alexander the Great and Mozi (Chinese engineer and pacifist from 400 BC). There are scenes inspired by the Battle of Waterloo and the decline of the Roman Empire, by the ill-considered reforms of Peter the Great and the brutality of Ghenghis Khan.

And I’m pretty sure the body count would make George R. R. Martin flinch.

Whether this book or good or not, I have unlocked a major achievement in that now I can call myself a novelist. Tomorrow the revisions begin, but tonight I celebrate and rest on my laurels for just a little while.