UFO5 Cover and Table of Contents

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Foreword by Alex Shvartsman
“My Enemy, the Unicorn” by Bill Ferris
“The Trouble with Hairy” by David Gerrold
“B.U.M.P. in the Knight” by Esther Friesner
“If I Could Give This Time Machine Zero Stars, I Would” by James Wesley Rogers
“The Pi Files” by Laura Resnick
“Prophet Margins” by Zach Shephard
“The Deliverable” by Shaenon K. Garrity
“The Mayoral Stakes” by Mike Resnick
“Rude Mechanicals” by Jody Lynn Nye
“Kaylee the Huntress” by Tim Pratt
“Best Chef Season Three: Tau Ceti E” by Caroline M. Yoachim
“Won’t You Please Give One of These Species-Planets a Second Chance?” by Nathan Hillstrom
“Fantastic Coverage” by Mitchell Shanklin
“Mistaken Identity” by Daniel J. Davis
“Customer Service Hobgoblin” by Paul R. Hardy
“The Lesser of Two Evils” by Shane Halbach
“Appointment at Titlanitza” by Fred Stesney
“The Problem with Poofs” by Gini Koch

UFO5 is off to the printer and will be published in September.


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