New Publication: “Grains of Wheat” in Nature


This week’s issue of Nature includes “Grains of Wheat,” my story of big pharma, chess mythology, and revenge. You can read it here for free. There’s also a link from the story that leads to a brief essay about the inspiration and writing challenges behind it, which I hope readers of this blog will find interesting.



4 Responses to New Publication: “Grains of Wheat” in Nature

  1. Hubert Hug says:

    Dear Alex,

    I just read your short story “Grains of Wheat” in Nature. I enjoyed it very much. It is written so well and the story is so true. I am looking forward to reading more from you.

    Best wishes,

  2. Roger Simmonds says:

    What a splendid splendid short story! Gave me a chuckle at the end and whist I was reading it I forgot all about my cardiac rehab!

    Many thanks.

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