My 2015 Balticon Schedule

I’ll be attending Balticon for the next four days, as I do every year. Here’s where you can find me:


4:00 PM Retelling Fairy-Tales Across Media Garden
Alex Shvartsman (M), Sunny Moraine, Ruth Sanderson, Jo Walton, Melissa L Hayden (50 minutes)
9:00 PM Dangerous Voices Variety Hour Salon B
Sarah Pinsker (M), Michael Underwood (M), Alex Shvartsman (50 minutes)
Baltimore Science Fiction Society’s own readings series comes to Balticon once more! The Dangerous Voices Variety Hour takes its cues from such diverse inspirations as the popular 510 reading series, NPR’s quiz show: Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me!, and Orson Welles’s original War of the Worlds broadcast. The hour long, free event features readings, irreverent author interviews, trivia, prizes, and more.


3:00 PM Autograph – Saturday – 15:00 Autograph Table
Larry Hodges, Alex Shvartsman, Grig Larson (50 minutes)


10:00 AM Exploring Publishing Platforms Salon D
Mike Allen, Neal Levin, Mike Luoma, Alex Shvartsman (50 minutes)
Desktop publishing has come a long way. Learn the ins and outs of the various publishing platforms.
11:00 AM How to Start Writing Derby
Michael Black (M), Paula S Jordan, Hugh J O’Donnell, Don Sakers, Alex Shvartsman (50 minutes)
Workshops, writing circles, and NaNoWriMo. How do you start writing, and how do you make sure you keep at it? Younger and beginning writers are encouraged to attend.
12:00 PM Putting a Pretty Face on Small Press Parlor 1041
Scott E Pond (M), Andrew Fox, Gail Z. Martin, Alex Shvartsman, Patrick Thomas (50 minutes)
Covers, often the bane of small press publishers. How do you put out a nice looking book without breaking the bank? What do you need to know when designing those covers and selecting cover art? What pitfalls should you watch out for that could mean the difference between looking pro and not.
1:00 PM Readings: Russ Colchamiro, Adam Ruben, Alex Shvartsman Chesapeake
Russ Colchamiro, Alex Shvartsman, Adam Ruben (50 minutes)
2:00 PM Starting your own Small Press Pimlico
Dave Robison (M), Andrew Fox, Gary L Lester, Alex Shvartsman (50 minutes)
Taxes, registration, a company name… there are so many things to consider before you even start. Learn some of the things you should be aware of before you take that plunge into the publishing mogul pool.


12:00 PM What Do Short Fiction Editors Want? Salon D
Mike McPhail, Bernie Mojzes, Alex Shvartsman, Joshua Palmatier (50 minutes)
What is the behind-the-scenes process of what happens at a magazine? From Slush to Sale panel




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