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Arts and Words Show is an interesting experiment in art being run by the Texas author Bonnie Jo Stufflebeam.  She asked for writers and artists to submit works, and selected twelve from each category. Then she asked writers to come up with flash stories inspired by the selected artwork, and asked artists to draw new paintings based on the selected stories. The resulting 52 works will be displayed in a Fort Worth art gallery this September.

I sent Bonnie a few of my stories and she selected “The Rumination on What Isn’t” for inclusion. Looking forward to what one of the artists will do with that.

Meanwhile, I selected to write a story based on the art in the poster above, by Bob Crow.  Its title was In Your Future I see a Fish and it inspired me to write “Future Fragments, Six Seconds Long,” a story of a true seer working as a mall fortune teller.

I’m excited to see the art and the quote from the story featured on one of the two promotional posters for the show. If you happen to be in that area, stop by and check it out.



One Response to Arts and Words Show

  1. Shane says:

    Bob Crow’s second artwork was for my story, Copy Machine. Shh, Bonnie already showed it to me! It’s awesome.

    Can’t wait to see everything all together.

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