UFO Launch Party



I’m hosting a launch party for Unidentified Funny Objects this weekend. It will take place at Kings Games in Brooklyn NY. It is scheduled for Sunday, December 16 at 5pm. Several of the authors will be in attendance to read from their stories and to sign the books.

I’m expecting to receive the shipment of trade paperbacks from the printer on Friday.  Hardcovers may take a few extra days, but should arrive early next week. I will then ship out all Kickstarter orders and direct web site pre-orders, as well as all contributor copies.

E-books are being worked on as we speak and should be ready in the next few days. I’ll begin e-mailing them out as soon as they’re finished. PDF is ready, we just need a little more time to format .EPUB and .MOBI files.

Please come by and celebrate the release of UFO with me!


2 Responses to UFO Launch Party

  1. Iulian says:

    Well done and sorry I missed the party!!


    • Alex Shvartsman says:

      Thanks, Iulian. Sorry you couldn’t make it. Hopefully I’ll see you soon at one of the NJ meetups!

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