Kickstarter Update #4 – Unidentified Funny Objects


Remember my last blog post? It was all about how the UFO Kickstarter was a little bit behind its curve, and how we were still $1000 short of our funding goal? That was yesterday.

Today, we are fully funded. We broke $5000, then broke $5100 and on our way up, up, up.  I’m thrilled and thankful to nearly 200 people who believed in the project enough to support it at this early stage. I still can’t believe we managed to raise over $1000 in less than 36 hours.

I’m planning on spending some of the money to do Really Cool Things ™ that will benefit both our Kickstarter supporters and the SF/F community in general. These Really Cool Things ™ will most certainly include publishing some fiction on the UFO web site, for the whole world to read for free. What better way to give back to the community than that?

There are other Really Cool Things I can think of as well. It all depends on how much money we end up raising, in the end. Do expect me to aggressively look for ways to reward our Kickstarter supporters with all kinds of additional content beyond what was promised. So please, continue to spread the word and encourage anyone who is interested in humorous SF/F to explore this anthology and add their pledge on Kickstarter in the next few days.

And while on the subject of Kickstarter, I’d like to mention that Smoke & Mirrors podcast just launched their own campaign. Dennis Miller, the host of Smoke & Mirrors is also the voice actor in the UFO promo video. He needs and deserves support. I pledged to his campaign personally and hope you will check it out and consider doing the same.



2 Responses to Kickstarter Update #4 – Unidentified Funny Objects

  1. What are the chances there will be an audio version as well? I have an acquired brain injury that makes reading more than a paragraph or two painfully tedious.

    • Alex Shvartsman says:

      Dear Carlos,

      Our contact with the authors does not ask for audio rights, so we’d have to negotiate with each of them, purchase audio rights, and then produce the audio book. These are the things I would love to see happen, but it’s only a remote possibility.

      What’s more likely, is that we might podcast several of the stories from the book (with authors’ permission, of course) and make those podcasts available on our web site for free. That is, actually, one of the Really Cool Things ™ I was referring to in the post.

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