Kickstarter Update #3 – Unidentified Funny Objects


We’re down to the wire, with just over 4 days to go and still $1000 short of the funding goal.

I’m doing my best to raise awareness about this project. Recently I’ve had interviews about it posted on the blogs of Luc Reid and D.M. Bonanno. But I’ve also been incredibly busy tackling the ever-increasing volume of submissions as we get nearer to the deadline. Which leaves a lot less time for fundraising.  So if you were planning on pre-ordering the book via Kickstarter, please consider doing so today so we can generate some extra momentum going into the final stretch. Thank you!



2 Responses to Kickstarter Update #3 – Unidentified Funny Objects

  1. I threw my twenty dollars worth of cents in – then remembered that hardcovers are awesome, shrugged, and upped it to my forty-five dollars worth of cents. I’m looking forward to the book, and I hope this bit helps.

    • Alex Shvartsman says:

      Thanks very much Nathaniel! With your support and that of others, we may yet reach our goal. Only $780 to go as of this morning!

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