Cover reveal: Kakistocracy

April 19, 2023

File770 graciously hosted an exclusive cover reveal for my next novel yesterday! Kakistocracy is the sequel to The Middling Affliction with more humor, monsters, zany adventures, and snarky heroes!

Please consider placing your preorders early as this really helps. Book stores and even sites like Amazon will base their own orders on the level of interest they see from their customer base, so early orders drive the book’s success more than almost anything else!

Preorder now: [Amazon] [B&N] []

Meanwhile, here are some other recent news:

  • The Digital Aesthete hybrid anthology/zine project has launched and you can read Adrian Tchaikovsky’s story right now at Future SF. This book will be published in November and the stories posted on the Future SF website after that.
  • I’ve talked about writing with Ed Willett at the Shapers of Worlds podcast. You can listen to the interview here.
  • My Canopus-nominated “The Race for Arcadia” was reprinted in Adventures in Space, an anthology of SF stories by Chinese and English language writers.
  • UFO9 is now available in audiobook format, brilliantly narrated by Bill Yarbrough!