Reprint: Putting It All Together at Freeze Frame Fiction

July 2, 2014

My flash story “Putting it All Together” which originally appeared at Nine Magazine and was subsequently podcast at Toasted Cake, is now available on the web for free as text for the first time, as part of the inaugural issue of Freeze Frame Fiction.  Read the story, and check out this new publication!



New Publication: How Earth Narrowly Escaped an Invasion from Space

April 25, 2014


One of my funny stories was recently published on the Daily Science Fiction web site. It’s called “How Earth Narrowly Escaped an Invasion from Space” and it features space cats, Internet memes, and terrible puns. What’s not to love? Read it here.

Someone recently pointed out that “…Escaped an Invasion from Space by Alex Shvartsman” can be read in an entirely different way, proving, once again, that punctuation can be pretty important. That’s a strong point. I don’t always invade Earth, but when I do, it’s from space.

In other news, my flash story “Putting it All Together” will be reprinted in a new flash fiction zine titled Freeze Frame Fiction. This story was originally published int he now-defunct Nine Magazine, and has since been podcast by Tina Connolly at Toasted Cake. However, this will be the first time the text version of this story will become available to read online free of charge.  Freeze Frame Fiction launches on July 1st.