Publication: One Thousand and First in 16 Single Sentence Stories

June 26, 2013


A collection of single sentence stories edited by M. Bennardo and designed/illustrated by K. Sekelsky is now available, and includes my story “One Thousand and First.” You can buy the cool little booklet for only five bucks. Better yet, you can have the PDF version for free! Buy or download it here.



An Anthology of One Sentence Stories

June 4, 2012

After the success of a #1ss challenge on Twitter, Matt Bennardo announced that he’s going to publish an anthology of one sentence stories. And since he mentions it already on his blog, I can say here that my entry “One Thousand And First” will be included.

The wheels of publishing turn slowly, so it will be months yet until this anthology is released. Until then, you can read some of the other stories by following the links at the bottom of mine.