New Publication: Copy Cat in Strange Horizons

“Copy Cat,” a collaboration between K. A. Teryna and me, is now live at Strange Horizons. You can read the text or listen to the podcast.

I have previously translated several stories by K. A. Teryna from Russian (you can read two of them at Apex) but this one is a collaboration, with K. A. writing in Russian and me writing in English, then translating her text and both of us working on smoothing out the language. It was a really fun story to work on, and I hope you will enjoy reading it nearly as much!




4 Responses to New Publication: Copy Cat in Strange Horizons

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    Strange Horizons story I look forward to reading.

  2. Okay. Just finished reading this gem. I adore cats and this deliciously strange tale held me hostage from beginning to end. You and K.A. Teryna do fabulous work.

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