Publication: “Untilted” by K. A. Teryna

My translation of “Untilted” by K. A. Teryna is live and free to read at Apex magazine today.

This is the most challenging translation I ever undertook. The story relies on intentional misspellings and linguistic cues to work. Even the title is a pun! In Russian the title is “Бес Названия” which literally means “The Demon of the Name” but is also one letter off from “Untitled.” My friend, himself a translator of considerable skill, declared this story “untranslatable.” So I’m extremely proud of having not only translated it, but helped it find a home at such a wonderful market.

Please, go read it!



2 Responses to Publication: “Untilted” by K. A. Teryna

  1. I just read this translation. A brilliant story and clearly a sensitive translation. Fantastic work. Thank you very much.

    • Alex Shvartsman says:

      Thank you, John. Check out her other story I translated at Apex, “Black Hole Heart,” as well. It’s a wonderful if very short piece.

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