UFO6 Guidelines Posted

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UFO6 guidelines are posted here.

The biggest  change is that our pay rates have gone up — again. UFO will be paying ten cents per word for this volume and, hopefully, going forward.

We are buying one additional right for the extra dough — the non-exclusive audio rights. I’d like to make this (and future) volumes available in audio book form. Most likely by teaming up with someone to produce the audio (if you are that person/company, feel free to reach out and we’ll talk.)

Submissions will open on April 1st for one month. One submission per writer, unless the story impresses us enough that we explicitly invite you to send another.

Oh, and of course you should read a previous volume in the UFO series to get a better grasp of what kind of story tends to win me over.



One Response to UFO6 Guidelines Posted

  1. Forrice says:

    If you get anyone to audio the anthologies get Kate Baker ~~she is awesome and she does all of Clarksworld audio. Go with her. Her studio is built to looks. like a TARDIS on the outside. 🙂

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