Unidentified Funny Objects 5 Kickstarter Campaign and Cover Reveal

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Here it is! Another excellent cover by Tomasz Maronski. Stories are coming in at a steady pace from the invited headliners and we’re only a month away from the open submissions window, so read the guidelines and get your funny fiction ready!

Today we also launch the Kickstarter campaign for this book. The entire series wouldn’t have been possible (at least at its current quality and quantity of stories) without the support of our Kickstarter backers. It has provided me the freedom to pay writers, artists, and other professionals involved fair rates and to do everything I can to make the books look and feel like they were published by a major press rather than some guy from Brooklyn. Any faults are my own, but the success of the series belongs entirely to the amazing authors and artists I find myself so fortunate to collaborate with on these stories.

Which is a very long-winded way of saying please support the Kickstarter campaign. Even if you can’t afford to pledge (which is okay), you can help by letting your friends who might want this book know about the campaign. Please spread the word far and wide on social media.

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    Too cool! 😀

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