Announcing the Humanity 2.0 Anthology


I’m happy to announce that I will be editing Humanity 2.0, to be published by Arc Manor/Phoenix Pick in 2016.

This anthology will collect stories that examine how achieving interstellar flight changes humanity itself. Will we choose to upload our minds into a singularity? Enhance ourselves with alien DNA? Will our bodies remain the same, but our culture and societal norms change considerably to accommodate for effects of time dilation, or become subsumed by the more advanced alien societies? What will it mean to be human in such a future? I’d like to feature stories with engaging plot and characters, but where mankind itself is, in a way, a character.

The anthology will feature a 50/50 split between reprints solicited from some very exciting headliners, and original fiction from invited authors.

The cover design is by the very talented Holly Heisey. We’ll add in headliner names once the table of contents is finalized.



4 Responses to Announcing the Humanity 2.0 Anthology

  1. Jeff Carroll says:

    How do I submit a black sci-fi story?

  2. Widdershins says:

    Hmm … fascinating topic … looking forward to the anthology. 🙂

    … I just finished reading KSR’s ‘Aurora’ about generational ships.
    I reckon humans will be out there on FTL ships before the generation ones simply because we want to be the ones walking under new skies, not our descendants.

    • Alex Shvartsman says:

      I similarly have a problem with the generation ship concept. Spend my entire life in a tin can so that my descendants *might* find a habitable planet? Unless I’m fleeing a destroyed Earth, no thank you.

      I’m not saying I would never write a generation ship story though. Because sometimes ideas strike. 🙂

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