Podcast: Things We Leave Behind


My nearly-autobiographical story “Things We Leave Behind” is now live as a podcast at Cast of Wonders. In itself that’s very cool because COW produce great stories, and I have appeared there several times in the past. What makes this time special is that it marks my debut as a podcast narrator. That’s right — I read my own story!

When Cast of Wonders accepted “Things We Leave Behind” I asked if they had anyone with a slight Russian accent to narrate it. We listened to a few samples, but the narrators who were trying to fake a Russian accent didn’t sound very authentic; they tended to go overboard and sound like Chekhov on Star Trek.  So we looked in vain for a while, and ultimately I decided to take a stab at it.

Narrating is definitely not one of my better skills. My diction isn’t great, I have an accent, and I have no training as a voice actor. But I do like to challenge myself and to learn new skills. So I decided to try my best, and let the editors decide if the narration is acceptable. What you will hear was recoded in many takes (I bought a special microphone recommended by Marguerite Kenner, this one if anyone’s is curious. I learned about using a sound popper and about leaning close into the microphone to speak, and about covering my PC with a thick blanket so the background whirr of the fan can’t be heard on the recording.

These things really do make the recording sound a million times better. I’m still no pro — but I think it came out okay. Give it a listen and see what you think!






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  1. Widdershins says:

    Just read ‘Icarus Falls’ on DSF … 7 rocket dragons out of 7 … a wonderful story. 🙂

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