Earlier this week I sold two more stories. Stupefying Stories picked up “An Indelible Feast” and “The Storyteller.” And while every new sale is sweet, what makes these special is that they are my 50th and 51st original short stories accepted for publication.

I made my first short story submission on May 10, 2010.  I submitted “The Skeptic,” my first story, which I wrote the month prior, to Clarkesworld, from which it was promptly and politely rejected.

It has been 41 months since I began writing that first short story. This means I’ve averaged more than one original short story sale per month over the course of my writing career so far! And that’s not even counting reprints, podcasts, and translations.

I am incredibly thrilled to be so far along the writing career path after just a few short years. There are plenty more milestones for me to conquer, and I’ll be gleefully working on those in the coming months!


3 Responses to Milestones

  1. James Beamon says:


    You unlocked writing beast mode.

  2. Congratulations, Alex! Keep it up!

  3. Widdershins says:

    Happy fiftieth and fifty-oneth sale! 😀 … Bravo! applause! Crowd going wild!

    This huge!

    Did you/will you celebrate suitably?

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