2013 storySouth Million Writers Award Nominations Open

Jason Sanford just announced that the 2013 nominations for the storySouth Million Writers Award is now open. This award is to recognize excellent short stories (over 1000 words) that were originally published in an online magazine or journal, in 2012. Editors can nominate up to three stories they published, while writers and readers can nominate up to one story each. You can read the detailed rules here.
And if you happened to enjoy one of my own stories enough to consider nominating it, here’s the list of the ones that fit the criteria:


The Miracle on Tau Prime – Daily Science Fiction

A Better Tomorrow – Interstellar Fiction

A Shard Glows in Brooklyn – Buzzy Magazine


Readers can nominate their favorites here.

2 Responses to 2013 storySouth Million Writers Award Nominations Open

  1. Alex, do they make a distinction between online (as in, click to access like DSF) and ezine (issue delivered to an ereader or computer like Penumbra?)

    • Alex Shvartsman says:

      Oops, good point. The rules do mention “web-based.” I don’t think the Penumbra story is eligible. Will edit the post!

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