COFFEE Anthology Submission Guidelines



I’m moving forward with the COFFEE anthology  (See the cool preliminary cover above, designed by Emerson Matsuuchi).

Each story must somehow involve coffee as a major plot element. It’s not enough if an unrelated story is set in a coffee shop. I will also consider a few TEA stories as well. These stories must feature an element of the fantastic (fantasy, SF, light horror). No literary fiction please.

For the moment, I will only consider reprints.  If you published a story that you feel might fit the theme, please e-mail it to me at ufopublishing at gmail dot com. Please include information as to where and when it was first published, and confirm that the rights have reverted to you.

Pay: $0.01 per word plus one contributor copy of trade paperback and ebook

Rights:  Non-exclusive English worldwide print and electronic publishing rights.

Length: Up to 4000 words. Flash (500-1000 words) especially welcome.

Policies: Simultaneous and multiple submissions are both OK. Since these are reprints, I may take several months to respond as I won’t be holding the stories hostage and away from being considered elsewhere. I will be reading submissions until the book is filled, but no later than until end of summer. I will post a more detailed time frame soon.

There is some possibility that I’ll solicit 0riginal material for this book in the future. However, at the moment please send reprints only.




7 Responses to COFFEE Anthology Submission Guidelines

  1. I wonder what it would take to get the rights to Dahl’s The Landlady.

  2. Widdershins says:

    How come reprints only?

    • Alex Shvartsman says:

      Amanda: I don;t know for sure, but I suspect it would cost more than my entire budget for the book 🙂

      Widdershins: Reprints are cheaper and this is more of a smaller budget project for me. I want to always pay professional rates for original fiction. I will likely do a Kickstarter campaign for this and buy original stories if I raise enough money.

  3. bbarton says:

    Would you accept any reprints about coke? As in cola.

    • Alex Shvartsman says:

      Although Coke is caffeinated, it’s not the right fit for this book. Sorry.

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