A Weekend in Jersey

I’ll be spending a lot of time in New Jersey this weekend.

On Saturday at 8pm I will be a guest speaker at the monthly meeting of the Science Fiction Association of Bergen County which will take place at the Barnes & Noble store in Hackensack.

On Sunday, I will be at Books NJ all afternoon, to help promote UFO Publishing. You can find me at the SFABC table there.

In completely unrelated news:

* True Love, a SF flash, was published by Daily Science Fiction today. It was e-mailed to the subscribers. A week from now it will go live on the web site, and I will post a link.

* Interstellar Fiction accepted “The Sgovari Stratagem,” a stand-alone sequel to “The Dragon Ships of Tycho,” for publication in their August issue.

2 Responses to A Weekend in Jersey

  1. Loved your “True Love” story. It hit home! A shout out to all my future time traveler followers.

  2. Widdershins says:

    Just read ‘True Love’ on DSF … nicely done, Sir!

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