UFO2 Update


Submissions are now closed for UFO2. We received well over 600 unsolicited submissions in addition to the stories from authors whom I asked directly to contribute to the book.

Most of the round 1 submissions have been read and responded to. All, or almost all will be responded to in the next 48 hours. At that point I’ll take about a week and reconsider all final-round stories, re-read comments and suggestions made by the associate editors, and send out the rest of the acceptances.

Once all the contracts have been signed and the TOC finalized, I will post the final line-up here.


2 Responses to UFO2 Update

  1. Tasha Turner says:

    Cant wait. A number of my friends have submitted and appreciated the fast turn around and polite rejections… Well disappointed but fast response and nice/polite is unfortunately not the norm so its been appreciated.

    • Alex Shvartsman says:

      Thanks! Sending out rejections isn’t pleasant on my end, either. Everyone associated with UFO are working writers ourselves and we know how rejections feel. But they’re part of the business — we have to pick a very small number of stories from 600+ and decline the rest. So at least we make sure not to waste the writers’ time by holding on to their work for an unnecessarily long period of time.

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