Paying Back, 2012 Edition

A year ago I wrote a post about paying back by supporting some of the great free writer resources available on the Internet.

As I continue to earn a modest income from my writing, I hope to make this an annual tradition. Today I donated again to Absolute Write and Critters (for the same reasons described in last year’s post.)  Unfortunately, Duotrope will no longer be a free resource as of January 1st and I have no inclination to donate to a business. Instead, I chose to support my writing group, Codex Writers, to help pay server costs and whatever other expenses are associated with operating the site. Although Codex isn’t a resource open to the public (there’s membership criteria to join) it provides an invaluable and free service to neo-pros like myself. Codex has been the most useful and important writing resource for me in 2012.

Although the amounts I donated to each site are fairly small, I have also supported various writing endeavors throughout the year by backing Kickstarter projects, donating to causes, subscribing to magazines, and, of course, buying lots of books.

Season’s greetings to everyone, and if you had a successful 2012, please consider supporting your favorite online resources.


One Response to Paying Back, 2012 Edition

  1. Simon Kewin says:

    Great stuff, Alex – you’re an example to us all.

    Hope you have a great Christmas.

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