Great Press for In Situ


I woke up this morning to find people on Twitter talking about not one, but two reviews for In Situ — an anthology of alien archaeology from Dagan Books edited by Carrie Cuinn. Both reviews were favorable, and both had some very nice things to say about my SF/humor story “The Field Trip” which closes out the book.

A Fantastical Librarian calls In Situ an interesting and thought-provoking anthology.”  The SF Signal review compliments In Situ on its “well-written, quick-paced stories.”  Both reviews are incredibly kind to “The Field Trip,” which made my morning.

In Situ eBook is only $3.99 on Amazon and the trade paperback is $9.99.


One Response to Great Press for In Situ

  1. simonkewin says:

    Congratulations. In Situ sounds fab – defintely one to download.

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