Two Books, Two Sales

It’s been a busy week for me, to be sure. In addition to all the anthology work, I managed to sell two stories and also had two anthologies (available in real, physical dead-tree format!) come out that include my stories.



First up is In Situ, a collection of short stories featuring alien archaeology.  My humor story “The Field Trip” closes out the book. Here’s a little preview:

The planet in question had been populated by tool using bipedal mammals who learned to split the atom a little too soon for their own good and went boom. The scenario was so common in this part of the galaxy that there are entire digital storage units full of examples, and they are all filed under “Boring.”

You can read more about this story in my interview on Dagan Books web site over here.

To purchase the book click here.

The second anthology out this week is The Memory Eater. All stories collected in this book are inspired by the technology that allows its user to selectively erase memories. The first story I wrote for this book titled “The Take” didn’t make the cut there, but was published at Daily Science Fiction. My second story was “Seven Conversations in Locked Rooms” and I’m rather pleased with it. Click here to buy a copy.



I should add that both of these fine books were published by small businesses and every dollar really counts. So if you like my stories, and those of the other contributors, and can afford it, consider supporting them by purchasing these books.

On to new business:

My humor flash story “Those Who Can’t Do” was accepted at Every Day Fiction. This will be my fourth appearance at EDF, the first magazine to ever publish one of my stories. “Those Who Can’t Do”  should be released sometime in August or September.

And yet another humor flash story, “How To Locate and Capture Time Travelers: a Memo” was picked up by Third Flatiron publishing and will be released on December 1 in their “Origins” themed issue.

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