Anthology Submissions Update – The Second Hundred

We have now read over 200 submissions, so I’d like to provide another look at our statistics and process.

I bought three stories from the second 100 subs, now totaling 7. 16% advanced to the second round (as compared to 25% from the first batch).

Three stories from the 2nd 100 advanced to the third round. There are now 10 stories in round 3.

One story each from first and second hundred received a rewrite request and I’m waiting for the authors to decide if they want to make the changes.

There are presently exactly 214 stories either on submission or already responded to at UFO. 71 of them have been recorded on Duotrope.

I’m a huge fan of reading these sort of statistics at other markets, so I hope others will find these updates of interest, as well.


5 Responses to Anthology Submissions Update – The Second Hundred

  1. Jeff Chapman says:

    Congrats on meeting your W1S1 goals. Have you compared the acceptance/rejection rates reported on Duotrope to the actual rates for UFO?

  2. debs says:

    I’d be interested in gender breakdown of subs, and also SF vs Fantasy, if you’d care to share them.

    I’m guessing you’ve had more men subbing, and I’d also guess more fantasy.

  3. Alex Shvartsman says:

    We’ve accepted 7 stories so far out of 200+ so the actual acceptance rate is at around 3%. Of course, the numbers are still skewed since most of those acceptances come from the private submission call to SFWA and Codex members and I expect the overall percentage to go down (for example, only one story out of the last 20 we read made it to round 2).

    I haven’t kept records of gender and genre in the slush. I definitely agree that there have been way more submissions from men and more fantasy.

    Although the acceptances we announced so far happen to be from male authors, the longest non-solicited story I bought is from a woman (it was so good I bought it even though it exceeded the 4000 word count; hoping to announce it very soon) and we have several other excellent stories from female authors in round 3.

  4. debs says:

    Ah, interesting. Thanks!

  5. Frank Dutkiewicz says:

    love reading these types of satistics. Thanks for sharing

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