Publication: The Getaway in Sparks anthology (Earthbound Fiction)


Earthbound Fiction launched its first anthology with “Sparks: Exciting New Fantasy From Today’s Brightest Stars,” a collection of twelve fantasy stories.

My tiny flash story “The Getaway” isn’t, strictly speaking, fantasy. It’s a strange mix of humor, suspense and literary with speculative overtones. But it’s something I enjoyed writing and, I hope, you will enjoy reading–a nice palate cleanser between some excellent longer stories included in this book.


3 Responses to Publication: The Getaway in Sparks anthology (Earthbound Fiction)

  1. Christian says:

    Well done, sir. And while shorter stories are easier to read (due to time constraints) than longer ones, they are often harder to write, so double kudos to you on “The Getaway.”

  2. Nice work, Alex — that cover looks very cool. And thanks for leading me to Bent Masses a while back; they’ve reprinted one of my early stories from way back in 2010 this month.

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