Readercon 2016 Schedule

I’ll be spending the next three days in Quincy, MA, attending Readercon 27. Here’s where you’ll be able to find me:

Friday, 2pm, Salon E: Autograph session

Friday, 8:30pm, Salon B: Reading – A selection of urban fantasy humor short stories.

Saturday, 1pm, Salon 5: If Thor Can Hang out with Iron Man, Why Can’t Harry Dresden Use a Computer?
(with Gillian Daniels, Elaine Isaak, Andrea Phillips and E.J. Stevens)
What are the story benefits of setting up magic/nature/religion and technology/industry/science as either conflicting or complimentary? What cultural anxieties are addressed by each choice? How are these elements handled in stories from various cultures and eras?

Sunday, 1pm, Salon 6: Interstellar Empire in a Post-Scarcity World
(with Neil Clarke, John Clute, Robert Killheffer, John O’Neil)
If we had all the resources we needed and weren’t damaging our environment, would we still expand to space given technology that made that easy as well? Would there still be conflict with other interstellar empires? Would we have a responsibility to give this technology to all those we encounter?



2 Responses to Readercon 2016 Schedule

  1. maryannback says:

    Hi Alex, You don’t know me but I’m an author from Ohio. I’ve seen your work published in so many publications. Well done! I used to chat from time to time with Michael Haynes who’s from Columbus, not far from me. I hadn’t checked in with him in quite a while. When I looked today, I saw he hasn’t been posting since 2015. I also saw he isn’t affiliated with Kazka Press anymore. I saw your name there and thought I might ask you if happen to know where I might contact him. Thanks, Mary Ann Backp

    • Alex Shvartsman says:

      Hi Mary Ann,

      I’m still in touch with Michael. Would you like me to pass along your email address to him?

      He’s also on Facebook.



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