“Explaining Cthulhu to Grandma” play returns to Portland

I’ve been keeping busy: UFO5 submissions are in full swing, Funny Fantasy is done and will be released later this month as an e-book and in May as a paperback, and I turned in the manuscript for Humanity 2.0 to the publisher. So I hope you will excuse my silence here on the blog. I should be done with most of my editorial duties for the year in the next couple of months and then I can go back to writing more, and procrastinating on here more as a result.

Meantime, I’m popping in to report that Matt Haynes is producing an evening of short SF/F plays, featuring works based on the short stories of Tina Connolly. Nancy Kress, Jeff Carter, Briak K. Lowe, and my own “Explaining Cthulhu to Grandma.”

The performance will take place on April 21 and the details can be found here:


And now, back to the slush mines with me. POOF! *Disappears.*


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