UFO Publishing Titles Now Available At Baenebooks.com


I’m happy to report that UFO Publishing titles are now available for sale at Baen e-book store. baenebooks.com

Baen has been an early adapter in the e-book space, and their site reaches a large number of loyal and voracious readers. I’m very excited and thankful to Baen for providing us with an opportunity to introduce the UFO titles to those readers.

You can find the UFO Publishing titles at Baenebooks by clicking here.

Public submissions for volume 5 of Unidentified Funny Objects will be open during the month of April. We’ll be asking authors to submit just one story per person, so please get your best funny work ready! This year we’ll be moving away from the e-mailed submissions, and utilize the CW Submissions system designed by Neil Clarke (who was extremely kind and patient in letting us use the software and installing it on our site.) Frequent short fiction submitters will recognize it as the same submission system used by Clarkesworld, Asimov’s and Analog. The link to the form will be posted on April 1.

Submissions will remain open until the end of February for Funny Fantasy reprint anthology (still using the old-fashioned e-mail method.) See guidelines here.




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