Help make “High-Tech Fairies and Pandora Perplexity” free for all.


A mini crowdfunding campaign started today on Moozvine. This website, launched last year, seeks to make excellent short science fiction and fantasy e-books available for all. Some stories are posted for free — readers are encouraged but not required to tip the author. You can read my “Explaining Cthulhu to Grandma” in that fashion. Other stories have a funded threshold. This means that if the funding goal is reached, the story will become available on the site for free, and users are welcome to share the e-books and the web version for free under the Creative Commons license (non-commercial.)

Since this is a short story rather than a novella the threshold is set reasonably low at $400. Anyone who pledges $10 or more will immediately receive the e-book for themselves and the free-for-all option will unlock as soon as full funding is reached. So please take a look, and help me share the project.

I also have two more Europe-related bits of writing news to report. I can now share that my Cthulhumor story “Recall Notice” is going to appear in the Tales from the Miskatonic Library anthology from PS Publishing. Also, my flash SF story “Grains of Wheat” will appear on the Concatenation‘s Best of Nature list later this year. Very pleased and honored to have my story selected!





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