Die, Miles Cornbloom – Sherlock Holmes Mystery Magazine 17


Die Miles Cornbloom, which I believe is my only full-length (non-flash) short story that is not science fiction or fantasy, was published in the Sherlock Holmes Mystery Magazine volume 17.

No, I don’t plan on writing a lot more suspense/mystery type stories. That one … just happened. The idea came to me and I wrote it. But generally I stay away from writing n0n-genre. In fact, I once wrote a literary story and added some magic to it just so I could sell it to a speculative magazine!

On a related note, this is as good a time as any to mention a pair of recent sales:

“Board Meeting, As Seen By the Spam Filter” will appear in Nature sometime in the next few months.

“The Hourglass Brigade” will be reprinted in the Broken Worlds anthology from A Murder of Storytellers. I really like the cover!





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