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It’s been a while since I had the time to write an update, so here’s a brief rundown on some recent writing and publishing news.

The May issue of the Fantastic Stories of the Imagination has reprinted by story Icarus Falls (cover art above), which was originally published in Daily Science Fiction last year. It’s definitely one of my strongest stories, so if you haven’t read it yet, please do! FSoI is also running a crowdfunding campaign right now. They’re a worthy magazine, so please take a look and consider backing. There are lots of great fiction rewards available!

I also recently sold an original flash fiction story, “He Who Watches” to Fireside Magazine. This will be my first time appearing at Fireside, which is a very nice market as well, so I’m excited to have broken in.

I’m also excited that StarShipSofa, possibly the world’s top SF short fiction podcast, has selected a whopping six stories from my collection to produce for their show. The following stories will appear at StarShipSofa: Doubt, The Dragon Ships of Tycho, Ravages of Time, Price of Allegiance, The Far Side of the Wilderness and Dominoes Falling.

And speaking of the collection — it is very kindly reviewed in the May issue of Locus Magazine.  They talked about a dozen or so individual stories, drawing the following conclusion: “At any length, Shvartsman is an entertaining writer who can take on many voices and make them his.”

Finally, I’ve been hard at work on UFO4 and hope to announce the final TOC by next week!




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