UFO4 Kickstarter: Final Day

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I’m very excited to report that UFO4 has already reached its initial funding goal of $8,000 and we’re now working toward our $10k stretch goal of a second, reprint anthology of humorous science fiction.

If you’re inclined to support this project, please visit the Kickstarter page and see if there are some rewards you might like?

I can also report that we’ve received a bit over 150 submissions to date and have responded to over half of them. I’m inclined to concentrate on the crowdfunding campaign over submissions today and tomorrow, but will catch up soon. Even at our “slow” times we tend to respond to an overwhelming majority of submissions in under a week, and often in 1-2 days. So send your stories — we won’t waste your time by sitting on the manuscripts for months before they’re even read!




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