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Harvard Campus

Harvard campus


I’m back after my trip to Boston, which was awesome. Vericon was held on Harvard campus and most attendees were students. They were a pleasure to talk to, bright, driven and inquisitive. It’s as if Harvard strives to select the best and the brightest, or something! I got to hang out with old friends, meet new ones, participate in panels, read from my work, and listen to some very intelligent ideas presented by other panelists.

Ken Liu was the guest of honor at this event and he delivered a brilliant lecture on fiction translation. The caption on the screen behind Ken reads “Traduttore traditore,” an Italian pun meaning “To translate is to betray.” I really hope Ken writes the lecture down because I think the community would benefit greatly from his wisdom. He made me reevaluate some of my memories of living in the former USSR and our perception of Western culture and literature.

Ken Translation Speech

Ken Liu delivers the Guest of Honor speech at Vericon

I’m getting back into the swing of things now, and today I will be spending a chunk of my day answering questions on Reddit. This is my first time doing an AMA, so if you’re a Redditor (or even if you aren’t) come hang out in that thread and ask a question or two. I could use some friendly faces! 🙂

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