My 2015 Vericon Schedule

vericonThis weekend I’ll be attending Vericon — Harvard University’s annual science fiction convention.  This is a small affair with only a dozen or so guests and a handful of panels, but their other guests are top notch: this year’s roster includes Patrick and Teresa Nielsen-Hayden, Mary Robinette Kowal, Jo Walton, Will McIntosh and a plethora of other fine authors and editors. Ken Liu is the guest of honor (and also happens to be an alum).

I’m very excited to re-visit Boston, to visit Harvard for the first time, and to get to speak, participate on panels, and even do a reading there. I will stick around all weekend long, but these are the panels/functions I’m currently scheduled for, so come by and hear me (and people much smarter than me) speak, should you be so inclined:


7pm – Editing and Translating Genre Fiction (KL, AL, AS, PNH)  – Sever Hall 113

8pm – Diversity, Intersectionality, and Variety (DJO, KL, MRK, AS, JW) – Sever Hall 113


7pm – Alex Shvartsman Reading – Sever Hall 102

8pm – Milk & Cookies – Story Reading & Snacks – Lowell Lecture Hall Basement


11am – The Joys and Perils of Writing Short (MRK, KL, WM, GG, PNH, AS) – Sever Hall 111



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