UFO4 Cover Reveal, Submission Guidelines, Headliners

At long last, here’s the info about UFO4:

image description

The cover is by Tomasz Marosnki (the same artist who drew the UFO3 cover.)

Unlike the previous volumes, UFO4 will be themed. The theme of this anthology is: dark humor.

As with previous UFO volumes, this book will feature 2 reprints and all-original material for the rest. The headliners are attached to the project are listed below:

George R.R. Martin – “The Monkey Treatment” reprint

Neil Gaiman – “We Can Get Them For You Wholesale” reprint

Esther Friesner – “The Match Game”

Piers Anthony – “Hello Hotel”

Other headliners that have agreed to write original stories for this volume include:

Mike Resnick – Gini Koch – Tim Pratt – Jody Lynn Nye – Karen Haber

Submission guidelines are now posted. We’ve raised our pay rate to $0.07 per word for original fiction.

There will be a Kickstarter campaign launched sometime in early March. As with previous volumes, the book will be published regardless of the crowdfunding campaign’s success. However, a successful campaign will allow us to purchase more stories, include interior illustrations and otherwise maintain and improve the annual series.

Some of the notable changes from previous volumes:

* Themed volume (see above)

* Maximum story length is 5000 words.

* One submission per author.

Hope to see many great stories from all of you!



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