Publication: The Tinker Bell Problem in Buzzy Magazine

My humor story “The Tinker Bell Problem” was published today at Buzzy Magazine. I really like this little story (written for the Codex Mega Weekend Warrior contest). It’s about a demon who summons up a human via a pentagram, to do his bidding.

Here’s a brief sample:

Herbert sat upright, which sent a minor nuclear apocalypse through his skull. He was totally naked, sitting on the ground inside of an elaborate pentagram.

A large five-pointed star was drawn on the floor in a gooey red substance which Herbert dearly hoped wasn’t blood. A wider circle was drawn around the star. A variety of symbols were sprinkled along the circumference of the circle. Herbert recognized a peace sign, a stop sign, a smiley face, and a Pepsi logo in the mix.

The story is free to read on Buzzy’s web site. Check it out.


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