Publication: A Thousand Cuts in One Buck Horror 6


After a fairly long hiatus, a new installment of the highly acclaimed horror series has been released, and it includes my short story “A Thousand Cuts.”

Each edition of One Buck Horror featured 4-6 horror stories, and the previous volumes have been very well received by critics and readers alike. OBH6 features a strong lineup:

“Blood Sisters” by Jamie Lackey
“A Thousand Cuts” by Alex Shvartsman
“Per Una Selva Oscura” by Michael Matheson
“Little Man” by W. P. Johnson
“Pretend” by Michael Wehunt
“The Dead Apple Tree” by Leslianne Wilder

You can purchase it here for only $0.99

Those of you familiar with my writing know that I don’t generally write horror. However, I occasionally write science fiction or fantasy so dark that it can easily feel at home in a horror publication. Spidersong and Nuclear Family are both solid examples. A Thousand Cuts is another such story. It’s a tale of a Russian woman who married an American and transplanted to an unfamiliar life in Greenwich, CT.  This story is about relationships, mental health, the yearning for home, and it features a domovoi — a mischievous Russian house spirit. It was written in 2011 and accepted at OBH over a year ago, so I’m thrilled that the readers will finally get a chance to check it out.



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