Anthology Submission Update – August 22

I’m woefully behind on posting the Anthology Updates and updating the blog in general. That’s because submissions have been pouring in now that we’re getting closer to the end of the sub period, and there are many many many other things that need doing that have been demanding my time.
So I must apologize that this update isn’t quite as detailed on the statistics as the previous ones have been. But I did want to let everyone (and especially authors in round 3) know where things stand at the moment. So here we go:
As of 11am EST on August 22 we read and responded to a total of 745 stories. Lately I sent out a larger percentage of form rejections (for the reasons stated above), but I still managed to get back to everyone within 48 hours (and most people far faster than that).
At the moment there are 18 accepted stories totaling approximately 55,600 words.  There are 19 stories in round 3 totaling 35,000 words.  So I’m already 10-15k over what I can buy, and that’s with over a week to go. I’m hoping to begin making final decisions as early as September 3-4, or whenever everything that’s submitted by August 31 is read.
I will post an update on or around September 1 and probably a more details one later on, with more detailed submission statistics.
The Kickstarter campaign is in full swing. It’s at 66% with just over 9 days to go.  I hope that it can reach its goal and indeed raise more than the $5000 I’m shooting for. Extra money will mean the ability to fit more stories into the book and possibly even buy a few extras to post for free on

So if you intend to purchase this book when it’s released, please consider pre-ordering it via Kickstarter instead. That would really help me out!




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