Kickstarter Update #2 – Unidentified Funny Objects

The response to the Kickstarter campaign has been tremendous. It raised over $1900 in the first 11 days, with over 70 people choosing to back this project so far.

Of course, it has to get to $5000 by the end of the month or we get nothing. I think we can get there and to help entice further pledges I added several new exciting rewards to the campaign:

1) Become a character is a SF/F story! Five of the authors agreed to “write in” whoever pledges funds to this project into one of their future stories. You can become immortalized by Ken Liu, Anatoly Belilovsky, Nathaniel Lee, James Beamon or Matt Mikalatos! This is a cool reward and it’s unique – we’re offering only one such opportunity per author.

2) Retailer reward. You can now pre-order 10 copies of the trade paperback at wholesale. This is perfect for independent stores and convention book vendors who might want to support the project.

Help spread the word please!


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