Logos for UFO

On the heels of revealing the awesome cover for Unidentified Funny Objects I would also like to show off some of the logos which I’m going to be using for UFO Publishing.

This lovable green alien was imagined by Kaolin Fire, a true Renaissance man of the digital age with impressive credits in art, fiction, poetry and game design. He just released TumbleDots, a fast-paced match-3 style game for iPhone and iPad.


This next design comes courtesy of my friend Martin Dare. Martin is a tattoo artist in the NYC area. If you’d like to get inked (perhaps with the lovable one-eyed alien above on your forearm?)  I can put you in touch with him.



This is a modified version of the above logo, to provide the alien with a mode of transportation.

There were a number of other versions from both artists, but these three are my favorites. I can’t decide on just one. But, luckily, I don’t have to. Plenty of opportunities to feature all three across UFO web site and promotional products.


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