Sneak Preview: Moon Landing by Lavie Tidhar

We’re hard at work reading submissions for Unidentified Funny Objects. I accepted four stories so far, with several more held in the final round of consideration. Tonight, the first contract was signed (and the first payment made), so I can finally announce one of the stories that will be published in UFO: Moon Landing by Lavie Tidhar.



Lavie Tidhar has been nominated for a BSFA, British Fantasy, Campbell, Sidewise, World Fantasy and Sturgeon Awards. He is the author of Osama, and of the Bookman Histories trilogy, as well as numerous short stories and several novellas.

Here’s a brief excerpt from Moon Landing, though I caution that it doesn’t really do the story justice:

Neil and Buzz stand on the surface of the moon.

“Houston? We have a problem . . .”

“Ja,” a new voice says. The new voice has patched into their comm. units. The new voice comes from the leader of the men facing the Eagle. There are a dozen of them. They all wear spacesuits. They are all armed. On each suit there is a patch, and on the patch is a swastika.

“Ja,”’ the voice says. It has a German accent. “You have a problem.”

Assuming that the edits are done and the contracts are signed in time, I will unveil another accepted story next week.  Later this week I will post more about the submissions we’ve been getting — along with some statistics.


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